My name is Max Gross, and despite the blog title, I am not running for any elected office or anything like that (at least not yet).  But the topics I address here in this blog will be mostly political, and some people have been urging me to find a place to collect and publish the thoughts that I share with them in private conversations so that they can be hoisted out into the world.  I finally gave in and decided to give this a try.

A little bit about my background:

I was born and raised in Maryland in a mixed-religion family in the upper middle class. I registered Republican as a young 18-year old and cast my first vote against George W. Bush in the 2000 primaries, to no avail. By the end of Bush’s presidency, I had changed my registration to Democrat, having seen that the fiscal responsibility that appealed to me was not in fact present in the Republican Party and the social views they espoused sickened me.

However, it took only a couple years of partisan bickering, Nancy Pelosi and an inability to pass a budget despite majorities in both chambers of Congress before I realized that neither party accurately represented me, and I switched my registration to that of being unaffiliated with any political party.  Some may think this means that I don’t stand for much, but by reading just a few blog posts, I think it is clear that I have strong, reasoned opinions, and that my displeasure with the political parties and their power grip on the political process is, in itself, a strong stance.

After receiving a college degree in Sports Business, I briefly pursued my goal of employment with the NFL in salary cap management and/or enforcement before deciding to enlist in the Army. I spent four years in the Army during which time I was deployed to Haiti for earthquake relief efforts and to Afghanistan for what should be more obvious reasons.

After the Army, I decided to stay in public service, but in a highly different variety of it, and returned to college with the goal of working somewhere within the political system.  I went through the early stages of building a non-profit organization to enhance the participation and the election of political independents while in the Army before abandoning that effort for the time being. And I received a Bachelor’s in Economics at the University of Maryland before continuing on into a Public Policy Masters program.

Much of what I’ve learned about the world, I learned in schools. But more of it, I have learned through a dense combination of books and life experience.  Now I have a blog to share what knowledge, opinions, and outlooks on life I have gained with any who choose to read it.

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