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On Politicizing… Everything

I like to write with reason and evidence and facts as often as I can, but on rare occasions I’m just angry. Today is one of those occasions. As you have probably read, there were attacks on embassies in Egypt and Lybia over the past 24 hours with 3 Americans killed, including the Ambassador, J. Christopher Stephens, in Lybia. (Sean Smith is another victim; two others have not been named as of this writing.) This, in and of itself, is worthy of both sadness and anger.

But if you want to be even more upset, turn on the news and listen for a bit. The Romney camp criticized the Obama camp for its perceived response. The Obama camp then criticized the Romney camp for playing politics. Of course, as soon as you suggest that the opposite side is playing politics, you necessarily are also playing politics by even bringing it up. I’m beginning to think that if 9/11 had occurred during an election, it would have been as divisive an issue as it was unifying in a non-election year. Is there nothing that rises above the cause of political gain!?

This whole campaign has been a disgrace to America. The media coverage of campaigns is a disgrace; satisfied to cover the horse race instead of the horses; satisfied to stoop to the level of common discourse rather than attempt to raise the bar. I’m tired of the whole process. Do me two favors, handful of readers:

First, take a look at your local ballots. Find anyone on it without a D or an R next to their name. Google that person and check to see if they have real-world qualifications that would prepare them for an important job. If they do, vote for them.

Second, turn off cable news. All channels. I’ll do my best to do it, too. Maybe even boycott their advertisers or something. But do SOMETHING. The two political parties and the preeminence of cable news are horrible for this country. I’d like to do more, but this is all I can think of and accomplish right now.

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