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On What I Don’t Want To Hear at the DNC…

… but probably will.


I don’t want to hear the words “War on Women.”

I understand that there is a seemingly endless list of issues through which Republicans appear hostile to the fairer sex. The degree to which that is true depends on who you talk to (for instance, Todd Akin and Rick Santorum are likely more hostile than Mitt Romney). I don’t have a problem bringing up issues such as planned parenthood, abortion rights, contraception, and equal pay. I expect those issues to be discussed, and I hope that it is done honestly rather than through pandering hyperbole (probably not). But the tired phrase “war on” anything needs to be put to bed.


I don’t want to hear about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

I really just can’t get myself to care about this issue. Might Mitt Romney be hiding something? Sure. But is it definitely true that every tax return he publishes, even if perfectly legal and not embarrassing, will be picked through and exploited for political gain? Yes, it absolutely will. I don’t need any more evidence that Mitt Romney is richer than most of us. I don’t need any more evidence that he pays a very low effective tax rate. And I don’t need the home stretch of the campaign to focus on anything other than the varying paths forward proposed by the opposing sides.


I don’t want to hear lies.

I think I’ve been pretty consistent here in saying that if you have a strong case then you shouldn’t need to lie to make your point. It is no coincidence that “hard truths” became a catchphrase for the Republicans when Paul Ryan was named as Romney’s running mate just after fact check organizations had slammed some pro-Obama ads including the one linking the death of a woman to Bain Capital; and after Harry Reid had made unsubstantiated claims about Mitt Romney’s taxes. After Paul Ryan was hit with heavy criticism for playing fast and loose with the facts in his convention speech, the Democrats have raised the bar for themselves in terms of factual accuracy this week. You don’t get to cry wolf and then attack the sheep yourself. So I hope to hear an honest week.


I don’t want to hear blame without accountability.

There is enough blame to go around. Yes, I blame the Bush administration, Congress, the Federal Reserve, and failed regulators from around 2003-2006 (the time frame that in my opinion, the emerging problem was there to be recognized through when there was still enough time to dodge the economic consequences) for the recession. Yes, I blame filibusters in the Senate and obstructionist House Republicans for much of what has not gotten done in the past three years.

However, I also blame the Obama administration and Democratic congresspeople for making their first major piece of legislation a health care bill rather than the jobs bill that now sits blocked in Congress. I blame the stimulus and bailout plans for being so full of pork and less effective than they could have been (while recognizing that they were essential to avoid further damage). I want to hear this week that mistakes have been made. I want to hear that Obama and Democrats could have done better, should have done better, have learned from any mistakes, vow to do better, and tell us how they intend to do so.


  1. Mike
    September 5, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    One thing not mentioned AT ALL at the RNC was any mention of our troops in Afghanistan nor any mention of the veterans coming and already back home. I don’t recall it in any speech last night at the DNC either. The Democrats can’t just ignore it like the Republicans did or they aren’t any further down the road on this issue.

    • September 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm

      The RNC did have several mentions of the troops. The main criticism is that the candidate himself, Mitt Romney, made no mention. Last night, a smattering of speakers referenced the fact that Mitt Romney had not mentioned our troops, and Michelle Obama discussing the inspiration she experiences on a daily basis said “And I’ve seen it in our men and women in uniform and our proud military families … in wounded warriors who tell me they’re not just going to walk again, they’re going to run, and they’re going to run marathons … in the young man blinded by a bomb in Afghanistan who said, simply, ‘I’d give my eyes 100 times again to have the chance to do what I have done and what I can still do.'”

      I hope that others make note of the war and its toll outside of the context of mentioning that Mitt Romney made no mention of it. Thus far, that seemed to be the primary reason to bring it out at the DNC. Though first days are not often brimming with heavy-hitters.

      One speaker last night, however, was a congresswoman (Tammy Duckworth) who lost both of her legs in a helicopter accident. The bulk of her speech touched on veterans and veterans’ issues.

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