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On Gay Marriage

I mentioned in a previous post that Maryland recently passed a bill making gay marriage legal effective January 1, 2013, but that the bill contained a provision that would likely result in the issue finding its way onto the November ballot as an initiative. I wanted to give that issue its own post. Most of my posts are pretty wordy and I’d like to think a bit intellectual.  This won’t be one of those posts.

When the bill originally passed, many of my friends and family expressed pride in their state for getting it done. I did not. Many people posted mocking articles about the future children of America being embarrassed at how long it took to pass gay marriage. Not me. Far from it. In fact, I’m ashamed of my state.

I’m ashamed that Maryland wasn’t the first state to legalize gay marriage. I’m ashamed that the first attempt (in 2011) failed.  I’m ashamed that in order to pass a bill, the option of a ballot initiative had to be included. I’m ashamed that my state, at least until January 1st, 2013, still discriminates openly. I don’t need to project my shame onto future generations looking back on this moment. I’m ashamed right now.

So in November, when Maryland passes the ballot initiative paving the way for legalized gay marriage, I won’t be proud. I’ll simply cease being so ashamed.

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